Oh, So There Are No Extraterrestrials, Eh?

Some misinformed person or troll left the following comment on a post from Starship Earth they shared on this website.

And how, pray tell, did the Secret Space Program get THEIR technology?? LOL

And why have astronauts committed suicide and gone bonkers on their return to Earth? Because they had spiritual experiences and had to come back and lie about it all.

So much disinformation and lies out there, but it’s all about to come to an end. To suggest that Earthlings are the only intelligent life in the Universe is pure egotism.  Everything we have was given to us by the Galactics.

Nice try, though. You don’t provide any proof, so it’s just your misinformed opinion.  ~ BP


Comment on a post from Starship Earth:

Deuteronomy 33.22 says:

March 13, 2014 by Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The Reinforcements have Arrived: ET Fleet Caught by ISS Camera March 10th [video

Incredible fleet of unknown objects caught by the ISS on March10th, 2014. Objects seem to appear out of thin air, possibly a portal or wormhole of some kind….

And a reader advised that National Geographic will be broadcasting live tonight from the International Space Station. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Galactics put in an appearance?


For those who prefer to keep things in house and simple this above will be secret space programmes that have been developed by humans on earth and has been one of the biggest ever secrets.

There is no benevolent ET Galactic confederation presence with 1000 mile wide motherships. There is no Nephilim. There are no Ringmakers of Saturn and no hexagon at Saturns north pole

All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix

energetic shift

Wish I still had the time to write articles. Work sucks. And they told me again yesterday I’m doing a great job. Hard to get fired or laid off that way.  ;0(

Guess all I can do is share others’ articles but fortunately there are some decent ones, and plenty of positive news. I strive to keep the blog featuring ‘different’ material or ‘slightly less published’ than a lot of the others, so it’s unique and not just a rehashing of all the most common info out there, but all too frequently other blogs/sites publish it first. What makes it here, makes it here.

The Canadian contingent is in town now, so we’re spending a little time with family. Hubby will be on the road soon, so I’ll have more time for blogging—but also being outside. It’s uncharacteristically cool for May, but hopefully that will soon change.

And now I have to get ready for work. Hope you had a great long weekend, Canada! Forget the queen’s birthday crap. Such nonsense.   ~ BP


in all chaos is calculation

All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix

23rd May 2016

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest writer for Wake Up World

No matter if you’re asleep at the wheel of life or have awoken to not just the consciousness of reality, but also the corporatocracy that has hijacked our world, most of us are paying attention to our shrinking wallets, as well as the political circus. The system is in the limelight, but not how the power structure would like it to be.

The social engineering agenda of dumbing the masses into good little minions of the system has been highly successful, however too many people are now suffering and looking for answers why. Sometimes it feels that the alternative media gives them too much credit too, because it’s also been highly successful at exposing itself and therefore waking up people to their enslavement, as well as the lies, deception, toxicity and control matrix itself.

In response, grass roots truth and sovereignty movements are budding all over the earth in a decentralised and impenetrable way. People are organising all across the planet to peacefully resist the encroachment on our freedoms and build healthy and progressive alternatives to a profit-before-morality model which has infiltrated our economic, political, medicinal, entrepreneurial and philosophical spheres.

Money has talked, but the real people have started to walk.

In addition, those who lie in the middle of the lie are curious about all the noise happening in both the alternative and matrix-media, so their concentration has been captured too. Simply, most eyes are focused on the money, and the political arena.

And haven’t the existing order embarrassed themselves. Their propaganda narratives have been indisputably exposed and are therefore falling apart before our collective eyes. Ask any average joe on the street and they will tell you that they’re not being represented, or cared for, by the corporate and political elite.

This great shame is the beginning of the end to their game.

The type of attention that is generating from an increasingly unsettled populace is unwanted by the powers-that-will-no-longer-be. They’re fumbling as a result. They’re making mistake after mistake. They’ve also shown conclusively that they’re not as powerful as they would like us to think; even with all the control they have over the money and the information, they have not been able to stop the paradigmatic shifts in our collective consciousness.

They had no chance anyway when an energetic expansion has been working against them.

Their time is nigh but make no mistake, they won’t go down without a fight. After all, this shadow order still controls the system at its core. It’s an absolute embarrassment that we’ve allowed it to get this far, but we can find solace in the fact that it’s all part of the process, it’s all part of the spiritual experience that we designed ourselves in.

The energetic shift which is guiding the emancipation of humanity creates an internal conflict in anyone who ‘chooses’ to stay ignorant of the way the world really works, which surfaces as either a subconscious or conscious search for alternative answers. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all looking for new ways of being, which is why all eyes are on the control-system by default.

If the hidden hand had its way, it would just continue with the same old story of a left/right illusion where the people actually feel like they’ve got a genuine choice in the affairs of their future. The political system should no doubt be capitalised on to educate society and facilitate the actual change we need, but depending on the old duopoly will always end fruitlessly.

This is why the Thump vs Hitlery vs Flanders theatre has actually been a good thing for America, and the rest of the world, because its illustrated clearly how money, not morality and intelligence, is what controls who is in power and what decisions they make.

All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix - FB

Of course there are still those who fall for the left/right deception, but too many of us now know – regardless of how little of the big picture we understand – that a choice for either side is still a choice for the status quo. And nobody who understands the gravity of this mess wants to continue to line the pockets of the so-called elite and transnational bodies at not just our expense, but our future generations, and our natural systems too.

Inspiringly though, there are many serious issues and concerns which are strongly garnering not just the attention, but the response of the people. The hibernating inner activist has been shocked into action for more and more individuals.

Examples include this political sell-out, an impending fiat-debt implosion, our environmental degradation, a dying middle class, increasing health issues, big money tax evasion, widespread socioeconomic disadvantage, Middle East tensions, societal unrest and the drugging of our society by the pharma monopolies, to name but a few.

Even the most highly indoctrinated can somewhat see the plethora of issues we face.

All this chaos, however, really is about creating order. A new order. The control grid is of course designed to create a ‘New World Order’ and who knows, they might be successful. But if so, it will only be for a short while. That’s because waves of higher consciousness are sweeping through a tsunami of truths that will inevitably crash onto the shore of our system. The tide has already turned; eventually, the new order will be one of truth, equality, abundance and freedom.

Ultimately, one day we’ll all look back at our current state of affairs and see it for what it is; a matrix of control that enslaved us not just materially, but spiritually as well. As an individual we have the responsibility for our own emancipation too, yet we mustn’t forget that we should also dutifully represent it to our fellow man.


Egypt’s News Agency Fars Says, “Israel Did It”

The gloves are coming off all over the place. They are linking the “disappearance” of the plane, (now shot down) to Israel. Who knows what happened? Since we had reports they couldn’t find debris, how could it have crashed?  As far as I know, the Mediterranean Sea isn’t yet equipped with a vaccum cleaner that can suck up all manner of debris…

…yet this image shows debris. Is it Flight 804? It appears to be on the ground, casting shadows.

It says Egypt’s Civil Aviation Agency reports the plane crashed due to war games in the area.

This is a screen shot Jim Stone shared, so I can’t copy and past the article. Click this link to see the article, “Egyptian Media Blame Israel for  A320 Passenger Jet Crash” .

The original article from Jim Stone’s site is here.  He says his previous update re: telemetry was heavily censored and not everyone can see it.  ~ BP


Cobra Solar System Update for May 23, 2016 with Some Good News

galaxy rainbow

Thanks, Cobra. We know you tell us as much as you can and we appreciate it, and the armies of souls that fight for us. It’s a helpless feeling when you don’t know and can’t see what is happening and want to help but can’t do much. So, I guess we’ll just keep sharing information and talking about it, and doing the weekly meditations.

Unconditional basic income… I’m ready. No more work! (unless it’s our passion) Replicators! Free time! Art! Music! Beaches! Consorting with dolphins and whales! Travel! Space—the final frontier! Learning real history!

What WILL we spend our time doing? The sky’s the limit. This is a good place to focus our thoughts and intentions; our new world where a connection to Source is a constant.

How difficult is it to imagine a world with clean air and water, rich soil and vegetation, new and varied animal species, instant travel, perfect health, and abundance in all things good and an absence of war, hate, greed, evil? Heady stuff.

I had to laugh when Cobra said, “The real source of darkness is namely on the plasma plane and without it, all Cabal members on Earth would be just a bunch of powerless old men.” That’s what Fulford has called them all along; a bunch of old men.

I can’t wait until they activate the Stardust. DO IT!  And we’ll see who disappears. Mwah! Buh-bye!  ~ BP

oort cloudMonday, May 23, 2016

Solar System Status Update

The Oort cloud, which extends a few light years beyond the outer Solar System, is full of motherships of the Galactic Confederation, a large gathering of representatives of hundreds of thousands of positive races from throughout the Galaxy:


They have gathered here to assist in the Compression Breakthrough.

The Light forces (The Central Race, the Galactic Confederation, the Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Resistance…) are still working on dissolving the Chimera Barrier at the termination shock region of the heliosphere in the outer Solar system.

One reason why this is taking so long is that all the Earth-originating Secret Space Programs have been infiltrated by the Chimera in the last few decades:

SSP chimera

The Chimera group was manipulating one SSP faction against the other, controlling the flow of intel and dictating the course of events inside our Solar System by taking many key representatives of all factions hostage.

All SSP factions that were not controlled by the Chimera have already joined the Galactic Confederation in 2012 or before. This is the reason why the Resistance thought back in 2012 that the Solar System was already free from darkness.

The Light forces are now taking certain actions to remove the Chimera infiltration from all Earth-originating Secret Space programs. Those actions do include the Stardust technology.

The Light forces have built a network of advanced Tachyon chambers and a network of Cintamani stones on all main bodies within the Solar System to create a support field for the Compression Breakthrough. The Compression Breakthrough will be the moment of phase transition for the society on the surface of planet Earth:


Before the Event, a huge wave of energy will pass through these chambers and Cintamani stones and this wave will wash away all remaining darkness and most importantly all remaining plasma anomaly from this Solar System:


The real source of darkness is namely on the plasma plane and without it, all Cabal members on Earth would be just a bunch of powerless old men.

As I am writing this, an important operation of the Light forces on the surface of the planet is healing the Congo portal, the focal point of the Archon invasion of 1996.

The Archon invasion in 1996 has taken the lives of two very powerful Lightwarriors, both of them being removed by the Cabal on January 10th/11th 1996, the very exact same day the Cabal has threatened me :

Phil Schneider:


Dr. Karla Turner:


The 1996 invasion is openly mentioned in this advertisement of the new Independence Day movie:


The Disclosure process continues and nobody can stop it anymore.

Hilariously, Hillary Clinton is preparing for her own version of partial Disclosure:



Scientists are beginning to admit that we are not alone:


NASA is beginning to invest in interstellar travel:


And Audi will put its car Lunar Quattro on the Moon:


audi moon quattro

On the financial front, the Cabal is quietly advancing their plans for global digital cash society:


They have infiltrated the Central Bank of Brazil:


And they still have a great deal of control over most central banks on the planet, including in Russia:


Nevertheless, their plans will not be successful, because at the same time, the Eastern Alliance is advancing their preparations for the Reset:



And human masses are finally ready for unconditional basic income, as this poll suggests:


Victory of the Light!


More Astronomical Anomalies from Steve Olson: Halos, Red, Blue & Green Bodies, Planets [videos]

Wow. Some very strange things showing up all over the world from Steve’s subscribers, and one from the ISS takes the cake.

Scratch that. I forgot. The one that looks like a massive, cratered surface so close you could reach up and touch it takes the cake.

And an astronomer talks about massive “planets” blocking light and they aren’t symmetrical? Maybe ships?

And no one in a more official capacity than that will tell us what is going on.  ~ BP