Space Object Falls and Kills a Man in India [video]

Things are getting weird out there. It DOES look like an “A”. Truly bizarre. Thanks, DAHB0077 and BP Earthwatch.

This happened January 26th. I shared a post with a whole whack of videos of fireballs seen all over the world in January. I think it’s highly probably this was related to that activity. It’s like someone is playing a game of cosmic volleyball but forgot to invite our team.

The authorities are creative when it comes to explaining this stuff, aren’t they?  ~ BP

Published on Feb 7, 2016

It’s been confirmed that it was an object falling from the sky, and not a blast of explosive substances, that killed a bus driver of an engineering college near Natrampalli in Vellore on Saturday.

Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa has announced Rs. 1 lakh as solatium to the family of the deceased driver, Kamaraj.…
Published on Feb 7, 2016

What’s Beneath ET Disclosure: Were We Lab Rats?

aliensHere’s a different slant on the alien disclosure scenario. If we think we have NOT been part of the experiment, we’d best think again.

We have been manipulated and tested without our knowledge in so many ways, for so long—and that’s what makes me so angry. We really have been nothing more than “lab rats”, and continue to be.

But our cages have been opened. Some of us ventured out long ago, some are just now sniffing the doorway and wondering whether we want to leave. Others are too afraid to contemplate exiting the only reality they have known in this prison of the mind.

Freedom beckons, but untold challenges await. The following is a unique view, I think, of what may be “out there” in our future—but needn’t be. It’s up to us. 

Fox rebroadcast the first Episode of the reboot of X-Files this week, and I see that as a good thing.  ~ BP

lab rat cage

by Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

As an extraterrestrial experiencer since childhood, this is a challenging blog to write. In fact, I do not want to write it. The question I ask in this blog involves my life journey investigating what happened to me as an ET experiencer. What happened to my friends and colleagues?

Furthermore, I don’t have to write this blog. I have confirmation about much of my ET Experience, which is ongoing. Most of my friends and colleagues have confirmation. There is an ET Presence.

And yet, the mainstream confusing culture chatter of ET remains a constant conundrum.

So, although it would be easier to ignore where my intuition is going—I won’t.

In the end, that’s futile. Questions remain until answered. Here are my question and an attempt at an answer.

Question: What’s Beneath Disclosure: Were We Lab Rats?

Is a vast government-military-intelligence laboratory program that involved citizens of the United States, without their consent, beneath the confusing 70 years of Ufology? 

Are citizens used as subjects in ET UFO scientific field lab experiments to see how we would react to ETs and UFOs? And if so, to what extent are citizens, as unknowing subjects, denie their civil and human rights in this process? Were we, as subjects, fed propaganda and lies and events—some deeply personal—in order to investigate how humans respond to the ET Presence?

My observations lead me to answer, yes. Our government probably experimented with citizens around ETs and UFOs.  And it was a vast multifaceted program.

And all of this is theoretical. I have no FOIA. No Proof. But…. 

1942: Chemical Warfare Services: Mustard Gas lab experiments

1945 US Atomic Energy Commission: Program F experiments on effects of fluoride

1947: CIA: LSD program experiments

1950: CIA: Project Bluebird experiments in mind control, renamed numerous times

1952 CIA: MK ULTRA, Project Moonstruck experiments in mind control

1958 CIA: Project Dreamland or Orion experiments using drugs, hypnosis, ELF frequencies

That’s a start. A short list of government-military-intelligence lab experiments.

When and where did the Extraterrestrial lab experiments begin? My guess is that the (hypothetical) programs began during the late 40s or 50s. And they continue today.

Who was involved?

Citizens were involved in MILABs—staged ET Experiencer Groups—Abductions—UFO sightings—Film and Television—Books—Conferences—Political Initiatives—Social Media—Blogs. A myriad of communications and structured field lab settings.

What does this mean?

If my theory is correct, then multiple experiments were conducted by government-military-intelligence to research various human reactions to an ET Presence. And those running these programs logged many experiments, many responses, and drew valid conclusions.

I surmise; it went far beyond military abduction, MILAB experiments.

Some of those experiments and conclusions were selected to be made public. They were handed to researchers, film-makers, authors, activists, and Ufology experts—a phone call or dropped document or an off the record conversation.  Then, per the lab plan, these experts communicated the information to the public. Few experts pass on a great story. And few experts knew they were participating in the labs. Need for scientific objectivity determined that participant knowledge might taint the results.

Few experts pass on a great story. And few experts knew they were participating in the labs. Need for scientific objectivity determined that participant knowledge might taint the results.

To be clear, I’m not pointing fingers, except at myself. A vast program left no one in the field of Ufology innocent of involvement.

Read the rest of the article…

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell Transitions Beyond the Veil [videos]

Unfortunately, Dr. Mitchell didn’t live to see disclosure on this side, but he could leave knowing he helped move it along.


See Alfred Webre’s website for videos. ~ BP

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, historic astronaut, consciousness pioneer & Exopolitical explorer passes over

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – Dr. Edgar Mitchell, historic astronaut, consciousness pioneer, and Exopolitical Explorer, has passed over into the Interlife.

Dr. Mitchell sought open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations

Dr. Edgar Mitchell actively sought open public discussion, research, and contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, which he concluded were in our Earth’s environment.

Following is the video of a Symposium that Dr. Edgar Mitchel participated in on the GeoSocial, Societal, Economic, Political & Spiritual of Open Extraterrestrial Contact, featuring Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Simon Parkes, Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, and Tolec (Chris).


Dr. Edgar Mitchell, historic astronaut, consciousness pioneer & Exopolitical explorer passes over

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, historic astronaut, consciousness pioneer & Exopolitical explorer passes over


Oregon State Police Probably Tased LaVoy Finicum [video]

This theory holds a lot of water for me.

At this point, knowing the body had 9 bullet holes, I don’t think there is ANY doubt Finicum was executed. And to shoot someone in the face—well that feels like pure hatred to me.

We will see if anyone can force the Feds to surrender the truck, which is no doubt so shot full of holes there would be several for each executioner present.

Thanks, S.

Cobra – Rob Potter Q & A from January 26, 2016 [audio and transcript]

peace rainbow
The link to this interview greeted me on waking this morning and I was so engrossed I read and read until I needed more dilithium crystals for my iPad. The information that comes out of these sessions is outstanding.
Thank you Cobra, Rob and team for your efforts, which are invaluable.
As usual, this is a long one, and I would say at least scan Rob’s introductory points as there’s a lot of great info there.
Rob tells us Cobra recently helped set up another tachyon healing center in South Dakota. Exciting stuff!
He also includes an observation about Judge Anna von Reitz of Alaska and although I have applauded her for her information and APPARENT work in our favour, the jury is still out on the Judge!
I have waffled on her for a few reasons…
… her name, which is German, as in possibly the Nazis, and she also refers to herself as Anna M. Reizinger. And what was the previous poop’s name? Joseph Ratzinger. Just sayin’ it got my attention.
The poop Francis/Jorge Bergolio and the rest have been assigned a reverential position OUTSIDE of the Roman Catholic Church, which I don’t recognize—since I’m not religious. He has no authority over anyone—yet they continue to bring him into the global loop as though he has influence. Nothing he says or does is of interest or consequence to me. He is a non-entity. Will he be revealed to be a “good guy”? I guess we’ll see.
The grandstanding with Karen Hudes could be a good cop/bad cop routine, OR, Anna could be one of “them” who has turned to the Light, has vowed to assist us and is doing her damnedest. That would certainly explain her vast knowledge of the judicial systems, Law of the Sea, Law of the Land, Common Law, etc.
We’ve been told about 70% of the US Supreme Court Judges are corrupt, so Anna may be one of the honourable ones. I’m watching intently to see who is who on all fronts.

Rob gives Anna’s web address and adds…

“This is a Website of superior court judge who is trying to do the right thing. It looks good but the caveat is she has many “titled” names and ends her now famous letter “In service to his Holiness the Poop”. God confers holiness by a sanctified life of an individual and is only recognized by a Sacred presence emanating from one such individual.”

Yes, the bad guys have given us great info via their Academy Award-winning actors, but we can be wary of their many ways of ingratiating themselves into our hearts. My hero one day, could be a villain the next. Watch, wait, and enjoy the show is my motto.
As Cobra says, individual ACTIONS on the part of the players determine which way they lean; dark or Light. We have been taught to judge, and we probably need to temper that inclination a great deal.
For those with cintamani stones, Rob gives us a link to his web page about how to use them for maximum effect and what we may expect. This was perfect timing as I was looking for info the other day. Ask and ye shall receive.
Rob has been traveling this road for many years and I know he’s much further along than I am, but I anticipate some interesting effects from my stone. Individual results will vary.
I’m on my third cold in as many months, and I know long-term lack of sleep is a huge chink in my armour. Being at the store so many days each week exposes me to untold little buggers that I’m not able to fight off…. so it’s back to bed with me for some more reading. There are advantages to being unemployed. I rarely ever got sick. Since I believe all things happen for a reason, I will just go with it and appreciate the down time. Perhaps my stone will do some cleansing and healing for me.
Here’s the link to Rob Potter’s Victory of the Light page where you’ll find this scintillating conversation with Cobra, prefaced by Rob’s wide variety of information and links in audio or text form, whichever you prefer.