More Spacecraft Shoot-Downs & Fireballs January 2016 [videos]

UFO shot down Indian army jet

Plenty of interesting things going on these days. UFOs, fireballs, meteors, metal balls falling from the sky, sonic booms…. These global reports are all from January, 2016, so there has been a lot of activity.

Since the Quadrantids meteor shower was expected at the beginning of January, some may be explained away, but that show was to peak on January 2nd.

Last night I saw this first video, however, which is awesome, and today I see more references to fireballs and we did hear about those “sonic booms” in New York.

Thanks to Galactic Connection for this first video.

It seems in at least some of these cases, the dark cabal is doing more of what they do, are being thwarted in their attempts, and as promised by the Guardians they and their ships are being “vapourized”.

One New Jersey news site froze my PC with an “unresponsive script” alert, so I’ll just provide the link to that one. It’s fine on iPad.  ~ BP

Published on Jan 27, 2016

Breaking News Alert, A huge unidentified flying object was shot down by an indian army jet, and residents heard a huge explosion and some building wall fell apart. Music & Video by Didier Manchione all rights reserved Moonfull publishing Socan Canada 2016 MUSICNEWS NETWORK.

Also, a story from Before It’s News… with video and photographs

UFO Shot Down By the Indian Air Force at Barmer (Video)

From DAHB0077 at Reality News… “eyes to the skies”, indeed!
Published on Jan 31, 2016

The fireball, defined as a very bright meteor, entered the region from the north according to reports. It was seen all over the Northeast U.S. and even southeast Canada. Specifically, Capital Weather Gang obtained reports from Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and Ontario via Twitter.

Observers described it as “huge” and “very bright” but then noted it fizzled, disintegrating into fragments.



And the New Jersey news station web site coverage. Thanks, K.

And if you do a search, you can come up with more like this… right here in Southern Arizona… and some are saying it’s a biblical sign.

Published on Jan 29, 2016

Raw footage of a “Fireball over Tucson Arizona

This one also shows the Arizona fireball.

Published on Jan 30, 2016

Caught on all skycam
sorry i didn’t get the whole thing!

In this next video, they say TWO fireballs exploded over Arizona and New Mexico.

Published on Jan 4, 2016

Two bright meteors explode over AZ & NM in U.S. in the early hours of January 3, 2016.
The bright meteors recorded by the NASA All Sky Fireball Network exploding up to the atmposphere.


And this one from January 19th over the Mediterranean Sea.

Published on Jan 24, 2016

Meteorite-producing fireball observed on 19 Jan 2016 (at about 23h59m UT). The event took place over the Mediterranean Sea. It was recorded by the meteor-observing stations operated by the University of Huelva at Calar Alto, La Hita and La Sagra astronomical observatories.

Here’s a good one, but they don’t say where it was filmed.

Published on Jan 17, 2016

Breaking News: Wow a daytime fireball was caught on tape and many people think its the closest approach of Nibiru / Planet X causing this rare phenomenon. Music & Video by Didier Manchione all rights reserved Moonfull publishing Socan Canada 2016 MUSICNEWS NETWORK.

Published on Jan 25, 2016

Two meteor events with fragmentation this past weekend.

Major Daylight Fireball Over Southeastern US – American Meteor Society
The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received over 50 reports of an extremely bright daylight fireball on Sunday, January 24th, 2016.…

Finland Fireball Meteor 23JAN2016
The bright fireball blazed above southern Finland,
There were many of reports of a large, bright fireball that lit up skies over towns across southern Finland at about 8 pm on Saturday.

Clips credit: SonotaCo Fireball Network and NASA’s All Sky Cameras.…

Images credit: AMS & The Lunar Meteorite Hunter

Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down (updated)

chalk art rapids

3D sidewalk chalk art

I find the following article illuminating in light of my recent experience with a Malheur /Oregon standoff video.

I watched a videographer approach Ammon Bundy and a small group from the perspective of his camera, only. The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it. (Can’t recall where I got that video)

And then the other news folks parted like the Red Sea while this guy approached the FBI spokesmen who arrived.

I naively wondered, “How do they decide in advance which alternative news channel gets the front row seat, and when?”

This mystery man, who had been offering “pocket Constitutions” to the FBI agents with guns while making VERY provocative statements and outright taunting them, said he was a Marine and he was big on the Constitution.

I had to wonder if it was all staged. It was most uncomfortable to watch. The very air was charged, from my perspective. I continued to wrack my brain; “Who IS this guy?”

After the brief discussion with the FBI spokesmen, he once again took up with “offering” the pocket Constitution. He got in their face and in no way could I categorize his remarks as benign. He was deliberately provoking them and they didn’t say a word, never mind engage him. One quietly accepted a copy.

Finally, I learned the identity of this Marine/videographer. Pete Santilli. (Face palm.) Maybe his voice is different when he isn’t attached to his hookah.

I like to reserve judgment as to who is who in the game until it all unfolds and they reveal themselves, and it’s not looking good in Oregon. It’s very complicated.

We’ve learned that some of the best information and the best performances come from Illuminati shills, and this theatrical production isn’t yet over. (All you Alex Jones fans take note and at least keep an open mind.)

The alternative media scene is rife with back door provocateurs, disinformation sites and colourful personalities. Take their information with a grain of salt and keep what resonates. Trust no one. Even ‘Veterans Today’ can’t publish the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And what seems to be, perhaps isn’t. It’s like a hall of mirrors out there in the Matrix. We can’t trust our shadows.

Totally off topic and just as an aside… Duff says below…

When VT stopped Jade Helm…

What’s up with that? Editor Gordon Duff ranted and raved and called those of us who believed Jade Helm was a real threat, gullible morons and screamed, “it’s a hoax!”. And now he claims he and his team stopped Jade Helm? Is this a Freudian slip? How exactly did they do that? I get that he implies JH15 was really about a major land grab but I’d like to know their part.

Please pray for Peace.  ~ BP

Malheur Bundy

Bundy, Santilli Taken Into Custody, One Dead in FBI Crack Down (updated)

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on January 26, 2016

The Feds arrest veterans for carrying the flag upside down and the Bundy mob has gotten away with this for 25 days…

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The Bundy/Santilli gang are End Times Zionists with ties to the Bronfman family in Canada, Alex Jones and the Bolshevik neocons.  This has been known for some time. Their backers, a combination of mentally ill, paranoids mostly and trailer park trash, are solid mainstream GOP.

They represent the solid connection between the phony European identity/White Power movement and multi-generational organized crime, both Mormon and old line “Jewish mob.”

It has finally happened, a blogger has been arrested, Pete Santilli. I talked with him on the phone years ago, a conversation he chopped up and edited into what he tried to construe as CIA death threats against himself, a wild fabrication.  My only impression during the call was that he was inherently dishonest and delusional and most probably a working for the FBI to discredit those of of us who do make a difference.

I now believe I am totally correct on that.  Let’s see if they let him go.  He has done this for sure, he has opened the door, as have others including two I fired from VT, to round up the rest of us for the very real work we are doing, investigating US backing of ISIS, the current bio-warfare against Southern Russia and the endless false flag terrorism, among other things too many to recount here.

When former VT personnel asked the public to make chemical weapons, in this case chlorine gas bombs, and use them against the military which includes off duty military and their families, I saw a combination of very bad judgement and paid agent provocateurs, even one we had let into VT for a time.

When VT stopped Jade Helm, an obvious attempt to cut down free dissent in America, we could see another Bundy type fiasco, greedy little morons fronting for corporate logging interests trying to finish off the last few decent public treasures owned and enjoyed by the American people.

Listen to recordings of Bundy bragging about his “big money” Mormon friends who were ready to clear cut a national wild life preserve, selling the trees to the Japanese of course, hiring illegal alien labor as usual and hiding the profits in their overseas corporations partnered with Bain Capitol [Capital] in Cuba and the Caymans.

We are told that LaVoy Finicum was killed. We will include what we can as things become clearer.  We offer our condolences to the Finicum family but we also accept that Finicum had long planned a “suicide by cop.”  We don’t know him personally and now never will and thus don’t know what was in his heart.

Read the rest…

Obama the Troll, an Oily Economy, and the Ships that Didn’t

Thanks, Dani-girl, for sending this directly. It appears I dropped off YOUR list, as well as others. Funny, eh?

Another great article below from Dani at Removing the Shackles.

Yes, I’ve been hearing a little Canadian perspective from the snowbirds as they chat with me at the store, and our families have kept us in the loop as far as the astounding prices in my old homeland.

The Canadian economy is tanking, but no worse than the US. Millions out of work stateside, starving, homeless, dying… including vets—it’s far worse than Canada.

So take it away Dani, for anyone ready for a dose of reality with respect to the economy, at home and abroad. Visit the original article at RTS for Dani’s “blue notes”.

For those who think nothing is happening… really?!  lol… We wanted proof, and we’re getting it.  ~ BP

obama economy lying

 Obama the Troll, an Oily Economy, and the Ships that Didn’t.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!!!

Obama’s State of the Union Address: “Anyone who says that the economy is declining is Lying”

really?   Really?   REALLY?!?!

Well…. let’s just take a look at that, shall we?  My notes in Blue, as usual.



International Shipping Shuts Down; Baltic Dry Index Freefalling

International cargo vessels today are all docked and anchored in most seaports all over the world, and the last trips they may have had were for the December holidays shopping spree.

As of yesterday, the most prominent global indicator for international shipment of physical goods, the London-based Baltic Dry Index, is in free fall.


For the last six months or so, most cargo container ships were already sailing with less than their full capacity.

The physical economy is crashing and all the warnings that’s been relayed to you for the last four years should have prepared you for what’s to come in the interim.

There may be a short disruption on the supply of critical goods and services especially on areas that are fully industrialized.

“Today, Monday, January 18 2016, the Baltic Dry Index decreased by 4 points, reaching 369 points.

Baltic Dry Index is compiled by the London-based Baltic Exchange and covers prices for transported cargo such as coal, grain and iron ore. The index is based on a daily survey of agents all over the world. Baltic Dry hit a temporary peak on May 20, 2008, when the index hit 11,793. The lowest level ever reached was on Monday, January 18 2016, when the index dropped to 369 points.”

Source: Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide….

……This unfolding event in the physical economy is reminiscent of the event back in the early part of 2012 when CEOs of global banking resigned en masse.

This is one more proof that the plan to end the Great Con Game perpetrated by the Khazarian Mafia for centuries will be terminated this year as much as possible.

Earlier, China had instructed its banks to stop buying US dollar and instead gradually unload its dollar reserves. The Chinese Central Bank also demanded that the Yuan will be the only currency they will accept and honor from hereon, with the exception only where sovereign currency swap agreements are in effect. This means that those countries which don’t have such similar arrangement with China will suffer financially unless their currencies are proven to be backed up with hard assets…..

…..It’s no coincidence that China is struggling desperately to contain a stock implosion.  Reportedly, banks have been told they are forbidden to buy US dollars and numerous Chinese billionaires have gone missing.  And the markets have just opened on Monday and are again deeply in the red.

Here at The Dollar Vigilante we’ve specialized in explaining the reality of the global faux-economy and why it’s important that you not believe mainstream media lies.

In the meantime, keep your eye on this shipping story!  If it is true and worldwide shipping is disastrously foundering, it’ll only be a matter of days before grocery store shelves will reflect that with increasingly bare shelves.

Are people upset now? Just wait. Interruptions in goods and services, most critically food, almost happened in 2008 during the Great Financial Crisis.  For three days worldwide shipping was stranded due to shipping companies not knowing whether or not the receiver’s bank credit was good…..

…..To confirm reports on the internet of a shipping freeze, this writer called NYK lines, a major international shipping firm, and was told “we cannot speak for the whole world but, as far as our company is concerned, with current shipping prices we will lose money every time we send a ship so we have stopped.” Chinese government sources told this newsletter shipping companies are now demanding to be paid in Chinese yuan and not dollars and that is a major reason for the freeze in shipping worldwide. If this continues, it will lead to empty super-market shelves and social unrest, especially in the US. The announcement last week by Walmart that it is closing 269 stores is just the beginning.”

To read the Entire Article: The North Dakota Crude Oil That’s Worth Almost Nothing … actually, LESS than nothing to be exact.  N Dakota sour crude hit -$0.50 a barrel two days ago.  Yes, that’s exactly what it means:  they are now having to PAY people to take their oil fifty cents a barrel!!!

The Oil Crash Of 2016 Has The Big Banks Running Scared

“Since the start of 2015, 42 North American oil companies have filed for bankruptcy, 130,000 good paying energy jobs have been lost in the United States, and at this point 50 percent of all energy junk bonds are “distressed” according to Standard & Poor’s.  As you will see below, some of the big banks have a tremendous amount of loan exposure to the energy industry, and now they are bracing for big losses.  And the longer the price of oil stays this low, the worse the carnage is going to get……

Iran has been carefully planning for its return from the economic penalty box by hoarding tons of oil in tankers at sea.

Now that the U.S. and European Union have lifted some sanctions on Iran, the OPEC country can begin selling its massive stockpile of oil.

The sale of this seaborne oil will allow Iran to get an immediate financial boost before it ramps up production. The onslaught of Iranian oil is coming at a terrible time for the global oil markets, which are already drowning in an epic supply glut.

If you can’t blame China, you can now Blame Iran!!!!!   Of course the fact that almost every country around the world and most of the heavy hitters in the financial realms have been hoarding every ship tanker, railroad tanker, truck tanker they can find with OIL for the past year ….. no, just ignore that and point a finger at Iran.   And of course, the fact that just two weeks before the International sanctions against Iran were lifted, Obama lifted a 40 year ban on US oil Exports….. no just ignore that glaring addition to the glut of oil on and already swamped international market….

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for December 15, 2015

wolf prey

Does anyone else find the headline below amusing? Does the White Dragon Society know something they’re not telling us? Well, of course they do, but…

“The United States of Canada”??? Methinks Ben has tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Didn’t we hear whispers about Canada sending in the hounds to Washington recently? I believe I pooh-poohed it and suggested it was probably disinfo.

While Trudeau may be putty in the hands of the seasoned dark cabal politicians OR the Alliance, he doesn’t have carte blanche to do what he pleases. Has he even figured out what’s going on yet?

There are dark forces in the Canadian government just as there are in all major structures on the planet. Just because Harper is no longer the PM doesn’t mean our fairy godmother waved her magic wand and restored the country into a benevolent bevy of peacekeepers again.

IF Canada, the BRICS nations, etc. TOGETHER could muster their positive military might to march on Washington we might see some action, but is this the time? Deciding is one thing. How long does it take to prepare such a tactical move? Months.

But… perhaps it’s been decided and preparations are already underway. Perhaps a sneak-attack would work, but I suspect the exotic technological booby-traps of the dark need to be cleared first to avoid mass casualties.

Many animals hunt in unison and strategically take down their prey, however, and I suspect that will eventually happen at the right time.

BTW, has anyone seen an update on the dreaded COP21 outcome? Maybe I’m out of the picture, but I haven’t seen related headlines drifting across my monitor. Perhaps the disinfo artists are too busy doing their holiday shopping to spread fear porn. 

Here, the lamestream media is busy telling people to protect their pipes because they could burst. It’s less than 25 degrees F in some areas in the valley which is very rare. The other day we had the earliest snow on the mountain I’ve seen yet in 11 years. Global warming, you know.

After that weather broadcast I have visions of residents trudging outside in hats and gloves with electric blankets for their plumbing. The bird bath isn’t even frozen for godsake and we haven’t turned the heat on, but my fingers are very cold so I need a fresh cup of tea in order to type anything further. (written early Wed. a.m.)  ~ BP


8980a-benjamfulford-blue-newBenjamin Fulford Update – December 15, 2015

Canadian government contemplates sending troops to Washington DC to arrest Fed gangsters

The newly elected Canadian government led by Justin Trudeau has been advised to send troops to Washington DC and New York city in order to liberate the American people from the fascist oligarchs who seized power there in an illegal coup d’etat following the September 11, 2001 false flag attacks. The suggestion was made by the White Dragon Society in the following message sent to Trudeau on December 14th, 2015:

“The White Dragon Society is offering to fully support Justin Trudeau if he orders the Canadian military to march on Washington DC and New York city in order to arrest the criminals there responsible for illegal invasions and mass murder.” As Alexander the Great said, “fortune favours the bold.” Trudeau can either head a feel good rainbow nation and endlessly discuss such things as “gender issues” or, he can seize destiny by the horns and liberate the planet by freeing the American people.

The WDS message to Trudeau also read “We promise the support of Europe, the Pentagon, and the BRICS alliance if Trudeau will help rid the world of the rogue non-state actors based in the US. ” Senior pentagon officials say they will cooperate with the Canadian military if they move on these two cities with the intent of arresting the criminals based there.

They are also willing to contemplate integrating the United States into the United States of Canada if such a move is supported by the people in a fair vote. The Rothschild/European royal family faction in de facto control of Europe also supports the WDS according to a special envoy sent to meet with WDS representatives in Tokyo last week, WDS sources said.

Meanwhile, the Khazarian mafia controlled country of Israel sent their President, Reuven Rivlen last week to meet US corporate government spokesman Barack Obama. At the meeting Rivlen asked for the American regime to supply Israel with 10 years worth of arms. He was told “no” just as his boss, war criminal Benyamin Netanyahu, was told in November.

The fact that Israeli involvement in ISIS and oil theft from the Middle East is now well known amongst all the world’s military and intelligence agencies means the rogue regime there has no state backers left except Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The desperate request for US arms came as the war against the Saudi, Israeli, Turkish and Nazi mercenary army alliance in the Middle East is intensifying. On that front Pentagon sources say Russia launched cruise missiles last week for the second time in recent days. The launch was intended as a warning to Turkey, Israel and “ISIS in Libya,” that the Russians were ready to use nuclear weapons if necessary to stop the ongoing theft of oil by these rogue actors.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said he “hopes nuclear weapons are not needed to fight terrorists,” he was referring to their state sponsors Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Russians also have “standing orders to sink Turkish and Israeli submarines,” the pentagon sources said. Keep in mind that both the Turkish and Israeli air-forces are grounded and their navies are blockaded.

The regime in Saudi Arabia may well collapse before any need arises to use nuclear weapons. The latest Iranian news reports claim that Yemeni troops have “launched an attack on the al-Sidrah military base in the Waziʼiyah district of Ta’izz.”

If that is true then Yemeni troops are now in striking distance of the Saudi Political capital of Riyadh and the religious capital of Mecca. No wonder all the various princes are emptying their bank accounts and fleeing the country.

The Khazarian mob’s control of the United States is also crumbling. This is now being seen in the corporate media as can be shown in the fact that CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Tuesday morning said that “From a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in the United States by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League.”

‘The head of the Jewish Defense league was in jail awaiting trial…accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [US Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.”

Clearly the corporate media is finally realizing they must either start reporting the truth or else go extinct.

The US presidential election is not going according to the cabal script either. The Rothschilds want their hand picked candidate Hillary Clinton to take over as President of the US corporate government next year but that is looking increasingly unlikely as she faces criminal charges.

Jeb Bush, the candidate of the eternal “war on terror” faction of the cabal is already out of the presidential picture and may also soon be in jail.

Meanwhile, Republican front runner Donald Trump has cancelled his trip to Israel because “he knows Israel nuked America on 911,” CIA sources say.